Kadie Lynn

" Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is a beginning of love." -Mother Teresa<3

Permalink One year ago on June 18th the love of my life swept me off my feet&lt;3 it was a start to the beginning of our love, it was one of the many days well spent with Zachary, my handsome boyfriend:) I love him so much!!
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Sometimes I wish I wasn’t always the responsible child, everyone wants to be a little reckless. You know? Like sneak out! Spend the night at the boyfriends:) Also I hate being responsible for my siblings. I’m not the parent here.. just because I have a license does not mean I should instantly become their second mommy. That’s why I want to get the fuck out so I only have to take care of myself and then I can have boyfriend sleepovers whenever the fuck I want without anyone telling me no or giving me a curfew!!!


The Distance Between You and Me

When we are apart I feel so alone, an empty soul lost without a home, when we are apart my life seems so cold, a drowsy state of bitterness untold, when we are apart the world spins out of control, a hopelessness of not feeling whole, when we are apart my heart longs for you more, a time for my love to grow stronger, when we are apart everything seems so unbearable, so come to me now to make our lives enjoyable.


Everyday i fall more and more in love with you. and everyday i give you more and more of me to share:)


I don’t want to sleep another night alone.


You’ve got me up in the clouds and nothing could ever bring me down!


Dive In

It’s the love in your eyes,
That warmth in your smile,
Knowing that as you take my hand,
I feel I am ready to dive in.

And with each breath of passion,
The sweet caress of each soft kiss,
My soul soaks in all of what is you,
Leaving your mark upon my heart.

The smell of intoxication,
As your fingers stroke my skin,
Deeper into your body,
I feel I am ready to dive in.

Intertwining we are flesh to flesh,
And nothing else could beat this love we are in,
Soon our souls will become only one,
Leaving your mark upon my heart.

So let us not take only a dip,
Let the love fill us up,
And never to leave again,
For I feel I am ready to dive in.

And show me all that you are,
Give me all that you have,
And I shall give you all the same and more,
Leaving your mark permanently on my heart.


this rush of a touch.


Very close,

Where every breath you breathe,

Slowly caresses my lips,

And strides along my neck,

Goose bumps pricking up my skin,

As your touch electrifies my heart,

Racing, and racing,

Our eyes longing for the kill,

Waiting for the attack,

Every curve of yours fitting perfectly to mine,

With every motion synched together,

The light sweet brush of a kiss,

Increasing with intensity,

Tongues sliding in with warmth,

And ferocity,

Devouring the passion,

Soaking into one another as a whole,

Then slowly fading back,

Gentler, sweeter, lovingly and tender,

The flicker of our eyes re-opening,

And the awe-struck smile dancing among our lips,

Then to be left with the feeling of wanting more,

Yet knowing it is certainly not time,

To go further into another.


It’s like I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop dreaming of you and can’t stop missing you. I miss your eyes and how tenderly you gaze at me with them. I miss your fingers how they will guide me into a kiss or fit right into my fingers. I miss your arms that rap around me and keep me safe. I miss how amazing you smell. I miss running my fingers through you hair. Most of all I miss all your kisses because they always feel like the first and they make feel so alive. :) missing you babe!